Dog Leashes

Dog leashes are an outward expression of the internal connection we share with our dogs. These leash connections are built to last and elevate the journeys you take together with inspiring colors & patterns, strong webbing, and reliable hardware.

Ruffwear dog leashes are designed from a dog’s perspective and built to last. Leashes for dogs come in various styles to meet your dog’s adventure needs. A hands-free dog leash offers a waist-worn or cross-body wearing option so you can stay connected while keeping your hands free. A double-ended leash gives you versatility and works well as a dog training leash. Reflective dog leashes boost visibility while exploring in low-light conditions.

Our webbing dog leashes come in outdoor-inspired hues and patterns with nods to the elements and scenes found in our favorite landscapes to explore together. Or, bring a bit of climbing inspiration to your dog’s kit with our rope dog leash.

Once you find the best dog leash for your canine sidekick, you can complete the look: explore matching dog collars and leashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leashes are a very personal choice. Things to consider when finding the right one for you and your dog: leash length, leash material, hands-free vs hand-held, and hardware. Check out our complete guide to choosing a dog leash here. Related: Dog Harnesses, Dog Collars

Leash restrictions can differ from one locale to another. Most cities require dogs on-leash within city limits (typically with a 6-foot length maximum) unless in a designated off-leash area. Leash restrictions on trails and in wilderness areas also differ both by region and by season. Be sure to check with local authorities before heading out.