Caroline & Fjord

Search & Rescue Avalanche Team

Caroline Elliott is a snow safety educator, ski patroller and SAR dog handler specialising in educating young snowsport’s enthusiasts. Working for the ski patrol in France, Caroline has a passion in her field of expertise.

A key part of the team is Fjord, Caroline`s French Flat Coated Retriever. Fjord started learning his trade as an avalanche SAR dog at the tender age of 3 months, the journey to pick him up in the NE of France, was delayed due to a huge snow storm, not a bad omen for such a career in the mountains.

Caroline loves spending her free time in the wilds of nature. She is a great believer that the outdoors can help to maintain one’s physical and mental well-being.

Caroline and Fjord focused their efforts on educating the younger generation about the mountain environment. Caroline is passionate about the importance of providing young women with a role model to help inspire them to sustain what is an increasingly fragile world.

Fjord left us in February 2020 when he was on top form, just after an avalanche training session.

Our work will continue. A pup will soon take on the rewarding challenge to follow in Fjord’s powerful paws that led such an exciting and worthy life and in turn helped enrich the lives of many.

Follow their adventures at: @fjordsar

Caroline and her dog Fjord sit atop a snowy ridge in the Alps.
Quotation Marks

Fjord and I have so much in common, he loves water, in its fluid and frozen form, we both love our food and cuddles.