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Cory, Rafa & Bondi

City Dwellers & Adventure Seekers

Cory Wiley-Godoi, Rafa Wiley-Godoi and Bondi are city dwellers that crave outdoor adventure. They can be found all over the pacific northwest, enjoying activities during each of the four seasons. While sunshine and beaches are the preferred destination, all of them enjoy waking up in a tent deep in the forest. The ever-changing conditions keep things spontaneous and always ready for what Mother Nature throws at them next.

Follow their adventures at: @bondi4paws

Cory & Rafa with Bondi on a mountain ridge overlooking a turquoise lake.
Quotation Marks

Although we used to adventure before, bringing a dog as your other family member with you outdoors elevates the experience. We want her to experience just as much beauty the world has to offer as we get to within our own lifetime. Every ounce of dirt Bondi brings home is a happy memory in our book.

-Cory & Rafa

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