Elena and her dog, Millie, share the gifts of exploring the city together and their top city-gear picks.

Millie wears a Stumptown™ Dog Jacket in size medium..

Freshen up your city walks by bringing your keenest observer – the one with paws and a tail – for a stroll. With your pup in tow, you’ll notice every new sniff and sight. Have you ever seen that fire hydrant on the corner? You will now – cue your eager dog pulling you towards it. Be prepared for every detour, treat, and that other call of nature with the Home Trail™ Hip Pack. Here’s how Ruffwear employees Elena & Millie gain the gift of presence from their city walks together.

The GO: "Even on days when we might not have time to hop on a trail, we love exploring our neighborhood and town. Really, anytime outside with my dogs is all I ever need."

The GIFT: "My dogs help me notice things we might otherwise miss. Millie might sniff a flower I’ve never noticed and draw my attention to its beauty. Dogs give us the gift of presence, whether it be on a city street or a trail."