Huw & Finn

Scientist & Photographer

Huw James is a scientist, adventurer, photographer and film maker. He spends most of his life in the outdoors or trying to get into the outdoors as a climber, mountaineer, runner and everything in between. Huw’s mix of outdoor training, climbing and mountaineering place him in the perfect locations to grab those night time starry sky shots or day time extreme mountaineering shots. Huw’s four-legged adventure buddy Finn literally chose Huw when he pawed at his leg whilst surrounded by Labrador Retrievers. Since then, the two have only been separated when Huw heads across the globe to talk on climate change and astronomy. Huw and Finn run together, bike together and hike together. When Huw heads off into the high Alps or Amazon Jungle, Finn waits at home preparing for their next adventure!

Follow their adventures at: @huwmjames

Huw & Finn sit outside the tent together relaxing.
Quotation Marks

Finn could not be more like me! Ready for adventure at a moment’s notice but quite happy to have a lazy Sunday on the sofa. The ONLY reason either of us will get out of bed early is to pack the van and head in to the hills.