Inventory Analyst

Inventory Analyst

Business Unusual.

As an outdoor company dedicated to enhancing and inspiring exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions, we do things a little differently. We believe success goes beyond making great products. Our privately held company mindfully reinvests its profits back into our business to create a sustainable, nimble organization. Our adventurous and curious team is empowered to take calculated risks that promote product innovation, strengthen customer relationships and reduce our impact on the planet. Ruffwear partners with grassroots organizations and initiatives like The Conservation Alliance, working together to protect and restore the wild lands and waterways where canines and humans connect and thrive. What started as a one-man endeavor in 1994 is now a globally recognized leader in the outdoor industry, and our culture has been recognized by Outside Magazine as one of its 100 Best Places to Work. Based in Bend, Oregon, our warm and collaborative atmosphere at Ruffwear invites the sharing of ideas through respectful and stimulating dialogue and enthusiastic support for the implementation of new initiatives. Our loyal pack is intrepid enough to climb a mountain, but prudent and canny enough to backtrack if the route doesn’t feel right, and resourceful enough to blaze a new trail to the summit. We are looking for an enterprising inventory analyst to join our pack and help us grow responsibly while keeping our footprint respectfully small.

You are:

  • Scouting a new career path and looking for a pivotal role that makes the most of both your exceptional talent for interpreting statistics and your outgoing personality.
  • A big-picture analyst and critical thinker who loves to geek out on numbers and combine your numerical calculations with anecdotal evidence to provide well-rounded guidance to your internal team and external customers.
  • An Excel guru who loves interpreting raw numerical data using formulas, V-lookups, pivot tables and less-known, cool Excel features to spot trends and create intriguing tables, graphs and charts that clearly demonstrate your findings visually.
  • Adaptable, curious and creative; you love learning about new economic and data best practices that benefit you professionally and personally.
  • A gifted liaison who connects with customers to understand their demand patterns for our products and then reports back both tangible facts and boots-on-the-ground feedback to help guide our supply chain.
  • Open to the ideas and inquiries others, confident in suggesting your own concepts, and comfortable with respectfully challenging the status quo.
  • An enthusiastic consultant and brand ambassador who inspires customers by describing analytics in terms they understand, developing models and sharing success stories that help them envision a future scenario that is positive, tangible and measurable.
  • Level-headed, organized and self-directed with proven systems and processes you rely on to help you manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines with poise and thoroughness.

    Fast-forward one year from today:

    • You have built rapport and earned the trust of our customers who have shared business data with you, and your thorough assessment of their current flow of inventory has helped you develop a short and long-term inventory planning strategy to improve turnover.
    • Because of your keen evaluation of our customers’ demand patterns balanced with our operational factors, including efficiencies, logistical needs and information flow, our inventory turnover and service level ratio is solid and supporting the long-term sustainability of Ruffwear.
    • You have provided an elevated level of support to our sales team by strengthening relationships between our reps and customer buyers through critical insight; providing reps with account data to help direct sales and marketing initiatives; and building customized, routine reports with performance insights.
    • Our management team is confident in their decision making because of your insights, and they rely on your custom reports and analysis to help them identify trends, develop business strategy and align actions with company goals.
    • Your business-critical insights and management of KPIs, including inventory turnover ratio, service level, SKU performance, and customer-specific indices, are fueling our steady growth.
    • Your support of global inventory management has ensured that the right product is at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity.
    • You have fully embraced the Ruffwear culture and appreciate working and playing with our outdoor-oriented, dog-devoted pack.

    Are you ready for your dream data analyst job with one of Outside Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to work in Bend, Oregon? You have:

    • At least three years of high-level data analysis and planning experience.
    • A Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, finance, economics or business.
    • Exceptional knowledge of statistics and how to interpret them and may even have your own unique calculations you use to problem solve.
    • Proven experience using data to correlate what product best sells where regardless of the category.
    • Superlative Excel skills including formulas, V-lookups and pivot tables, as well as preparing tables, graphs and charts.
    • Experience using an ERP system; familiarity with NetSuite is an amazing plus.
    • A confident and engaging personality, and enjoy initiating new business and customer relationships.
    • An expansive view of the world and an adaptable demeanor allowing you to relate to people of different cultures and with different perspectives.
    • Comfort working in a Mac-based environment including Apple operating systems and apps.
    • The ability to work full time in Ruffwear’s Bend, Oregon headquarters.
    • A quick answer to #mydogismy.

    Make it yours:

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