IT Support Specialist

IT Support Specialist

Business Unusual.

As an outdoor company dedicated to enhancing and inspiring exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions, we do things a little differently. We believe success goes beyond making great products. Our privately held company mindfully reinvests its profits back into our business to create a sustainable, nimble organization. Our adventurous and curious team is empowered to take calculated risks that promote product innovation, strengthen customer relationships and reduce our impact on the planet. Ruffwear partners with grassroots organizations and initiatives like The Conservation Alliance, working together to protect and restore the wild lands and waterways where canines and humans connect and thrive. What started as a one-man endeavor in 1994 is now a globally recognized leader in the outdoor industry, and our culture has been recognized by Outside Magazine as one of its 100 Best Places to Work. Based in Bend, Oregon, our warm and collaborative atmosphere at Ruffwear invites the sharing of ideas through respectful and stimulating dialogue and enthusiastic support for the implementation of new initiatives. Our loyal pack is intrepid enough to climb a mountain, but prudent and canny enough to backtrack if the route doesn’t feel right, and resourceful enough to blaze a new trail to the summit. We are looking for a one-of-a-kind IT Support Specialist to join our pack and spearhead all things technology in our company with good nature, ingenuity and resourcefulness. Intrigued? Read on.

You are:

  • Scouting a new career path and looking for an integral role where you truly help others every day with your IT expertise.
  • A uniquely balanced personality who is keenly analytical yet also highly social and empathetic.
  • Gifted at translating “IT speak” into understandable language for people who are less tech savvy than you.
  • Flexible, adaptable and level-headed when priorities shift, schedules change and critical issues happen.
  • Good at juggling a lot of balls and thrive in a fast-paced environment while remaining unflappable.
  • Curious and resourceful; “I don’t know,” is not part of your lexicon, and you proactively investigate answers.
  • A proactive, assertive communicator whose team knows exactly what projects you’re spearheading, how they are progressing and the timeline for resolution.
  • An abstract thinker who can visualize complex problems and solutions.
  • Passionate about technology and may even dabble in programming.
  • Known for carefully considering potential outcomes before testing and implementing even small changes which can have a big impact in the IT world.
  • Open to ideas and feedback and don’t take critiques of IT issues personally.
  • A patient teacher who perceptively picks up on each individual’s work process and learning style so you can train them on systems and offer ongoing support that works for them.

    Fast-forward one year from today:

    • You have earned the loyal respect of our team who appreciates your good nature, can-do attitude and resourceful attention to solving problems.
    • Our entire team knows the status of current and future IT projects because of your consistent, proactive and clear communication.
    • Your support in onboarding new employees has deepened their appreciation for our culture, ramped them up more efficiently and helped them make contributions immediately.
    • Your ability to identify and push business critical issues to the top of your to-do list has helped our company not miss a beat.
    • Our employee satisfaction scores for internal support are even higher because of the dependable and resourceful support you offer effortlessly and cheerfully to our entire team, including remote workers.
    • When major issues have arisen, your calm and systematic approach to disaster recovery has minimized interruption to our operations and production.
    • We have learned from you and your prior experience, and the Ruffwear team values your new solutions to old problems.
    • Your contributions are directly contributing to our increased efficiency and stellar customer service ensuring steady bottom-line growth.
    • You have fully embraced the Ruffwear culture and appreciate working and playing with your pack.

    Are you ready for your dream IT job with one of Outside Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to work in Bend, Oregon? You have:

    • Professional experience supporting a business team with your IT prowess including setting up work stations, providing hardware support, software and systems training, and vetting, testing and implementing new solutions.
    • A never-ending desire to learn new things and to keep up with the constantly changing IT landscape, and always looking for ways to make things better, faster and more streamlined, both for customers and your internal team.
    • Working knowledge of all things Apple including hardware, operating systems and apps.
    • The ability to both self-direct and work collaboratively.
    • An analytical approach to organizing and prioritizing a constantly changing pipeline of projects and issues.
    • Experience working with VoIP.
    • Working knowledge of Exchange and Office 365.
    • A knack for communicating with all people across an organization with ease and enthusiasm.
    • The ability to work full time in Ruffwear’s Bend, Oregon headquarters.
    • A quick answer to #mydogismy.

    Make it yours:

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