The Moments In Between


with our dogs by our side.
They are our trail blazers, river scouts, running partners, powder chasers, and so much more.
Their reckless abandon and willingness to go for it
is inspiring. Their joy is infectious, drawing us into the present moment and our surroundings.

Their presence is grounding.

Grounded. It is a physical act of touching the earth and feeling its energy flowing through us, providing support and foundation to our beings. It is finding balance between the present moment and thoughts about the past or future. To be grounded is to draw strength and courage from the knowledge of our deeper purpose. Times of great upheaval are times of radical change. Remaining grounded can help us navigate such times in a way that spreads creativity, inspiration, connection, ideas, and positive change. We experience suffering, pain, and loss. We also experience freedom to create, letting go, and clearing out to make space for something new. Our dogs help us keep a routine of daily breaks and walks so that we remain connected to nature and find purpose in each day. Often, we're literally tethered to our dogs by a leash. This connection can help us stay grounded when life seems in turmoil. Our dogs have a presence that’s both calming and joyful, and they bring us into the here and now. They ground us. They keep us connected.
And yet, sometimes our minds are occupied by the task at hand. We’re absorbed by our objective – getting to the end, to the top, to camp, back to the trailhead. “How much further?” we ask. Our focus is on arriving, no matter what the destination may be.

It can be easy to forget

about the journey while we’re in it, to lose sight of all the tiny moments that make it memorable.


help bring our awareness back to these moments in between – when we stop to catch our breath, or to watch our trail buddy roll in a patch of snow. When we pause to take in the view, or to share a drink of water and a snack.
It’s often during these quiet breaks, these heartbeats, these tail wags in time, that we become aware of how meaningful each step in the journey can be. How, with each memory we create together, we become more connected with our furry sidekick.
As we savor our newest happy memory or bask in the achievement of making it this far, we remember that it’s not about the destination at all. It’s about each moment we share along the way.
So here’s to those calm moments
of reflection in between. To celebrating those times we become aware of just how much our dogs shape our lives. To the gratitude we feel and the promise to ourselves that we’ll never take a single moment for granted.
And to honoring our running partners, powder chasers, and fish finders, who are also our sleeping bag warmers, road trip buddies, power nap heroes, and office dogs…Our constant companions.