All Work & All Play: Avy Dog Inspired & Tested Toys

All Work & All Play: Avy Dog Inspired & Tested Toys

  • Cristina Stavro

All Work & All Play

How avalanche rescue dogs inspired, tested, and fell in love with our Pacific Ring™ and Pacific Loop™ Toys.

As snow blankets ski areas across North America each winter, avalanche rescue dogs are clocking in and going to work on the slopes. These highly-trained dogs and their ski patroller handlers train at their home mountains every day during ski season.

They work in the most extreme weather conditions and demand a lot from their gear – making them excellent partners for wear testing and developing new gear, including some particularly essential tools for the job: toys.

Patrollers with avalanche dogs at Mt Bachelor lined up for practice.
Photo by Jay Dash


Avy dogs learn to find and dig out victims buried in and under snow by practicing in staged avalanche rescue scenarios. As reward for a successful search, they enjoy a play session with their handlers or the "victim" they dig out in digging drills.

Current methods use webbing (see picture below) and rags to engage the dogs in play during a successful dig, but those tools can be cumbersome and distracting to handlers / people in the hole. Attention should be keen on engaging the dog, and it’s a problem to have cold, gloved hands fumbling and failing to hang onto the item engaging the dog.

Old worn webbing that was previously used for play training with dogs.

As Ruffwear product designers participated in these drills over the years, they saw first-hand where the current tools were falling short.

Our goal became clear. Let's create a better solution for avy dogs and their handlers. Let's make work more fun, enjoyable, and effective for everyone participating.

And hey – if it works for them, it should work for a whole lot of other dogs and folks, too.


Spoiler alert: we started this project in search of a single solution, and ended up with two. Through initial development, two versions of a tug toy seemed to rise to the top. One was ring shaped, and the other was a bit loopy.

Early drawings / product sketches of different possible variations of the toys.

Both products were pitched to a bigger team with the intention of picking one and moving on to the wear testing phase of development. But the two toys each held promise – and the dogs in the Product Development room added their two cents by displaying a passionate enthusiasm for both.

Three dogs playing tug with one pacific ring frisbee.

The next step forward was clear: let’s have the avy dogs test both of them. 


Field testing is an integral part of product development at Ruffwear. The rougher the dogs are on their gear, the better. Avy dogs and other working dogs like Conservation Canines and Rogue Detection Dogs fill this role perfectly. They get more hours of use and play in a week than most dogs do in a year, quickly revealing areas that need improvement.

For the Pacific Ring and Pacific Loop, we tapped into our network of avy dog teams, Conservation Canines, and some additional wear-testers that have historically proven to be extra tough on their toys.

Here's a sampling of feedback we received that helped refine the design.

Pacific Ring Feedback

Don't care for it as a "tug," like it more as a Frisbee play toy.

He prefers to bite/tug on the fabric instead of the rope. He started to cause
some tearing in the fabric.

I love the fact you can throw it like a Frisbee!!!

We've been using it a few weeks (heavy use, working dog) and it's holding up. Love the combo fly/tug.

Woman and two dogs play tug with pacific ring.

Pacific Loop Feedback

I’ve seen no signs of stress on the seams. Everything is holding up well,
even dragging a 70-pound dog around with it. It has been taken and used as a chew toy. Again, fabric is tough as nails.

The seams appear really robust and give me confidence that it will hold up to rough playing.

Man and three dogs play tug with pacific loop toy.

I’ve been unintentionally nipped (front teeth grazing the knuckles). Bite Pad needs to be longer and thicker.

Dog doesn’t bite the foam pad. Always goes for thinner area near handles (and my hands).

Avy dog pulling a "victim" from the snow with the Pacific Loop in a digging drill.


Test, feedback, adjust, test again. It's a dance our product development team executes with every product.

With this season's new toys, materials evolved, construction methods were refined, geometry and sizing shifted, and performance was dialed. Testing and feedback even unearthed the unintended appeal of the Pacific Ring as a fling-and-fetch toy in addition to its tug-worthy construction.

Evolution of the Pacific Ring (top) and the Pacific Loop (bottom).
Evolution of the Pacific Ring (top) and the Pacific Loop (bottom).

These toys were years in the making and shaped by the very working dogs that inspired them in the first place. Seeing gear perform for them gives us (and hopefully you) confidence that it'll work for just about everyone else.

Product Designer Monica gets first-hand experience with an avy dog after a successful dig.

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  • Frangelica Agius

    I cannot tell you how many roughwear products I have purchased from you especially this last couple of months! I have purchased the vert jacket, the trucker jacket, and the pound hound jacket. Also purchased the flag line harness.

    Can you please tell me what is the best chugging frisbee that you can recommend? I had purchased one of the softer frisbees from you That does not have the rope and my dog just loves it.

    But I would love to know which frisbee is your absolute most durable frisbee?

    Also I love the flag line harness. But unfortunately my dog is an insane puller on his leash. He is a young 44 pound border collie. Do you have a recommendation of a harness that I can control him better with? Because he is not super tall trying to attach the leash to the front is not working well because it keeps getting caught in his front legs. Any recommendation for a super strong harness where I can do a double leash attachment would be gratefully appreciated!

    I live in Lake Tahoe and take him in the forest all of the time but unfortunately have to keep him leashed and he is seriously a wild boy.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated for the absolute strongest harness.

  • Elyse Clawson

    Interesting development and ultimate toy production. I have two GSD’s one is 11 months old. I am looking for a good tug toy that is also good to throw. She loves to chase and fetch things and also likes to tug. I think I will try the Pacific Ring toy first but may end up with the loop one as well

  • Denise

    How cool is that! Thanks for the videos!
    I’m interested in the harness too.
    Looks minimalist but am pretty sure it’s probably really effective.