Dog Bowls

Ruffwear got its start back in 1994 with a lightweight, packable bowl for fueling dogs with food and water on the go. It opened up a new world of exploring with our dogs – a world that has fueled our inspiration ever since.

Find the best dog bowl for keeping your canine sidekick hydrated and fueled on the go. With different sizes and styles, you can choose the dog water bowl or dog food bowl that matches your and your dog’s adventure needs, whether you’re camping, hiking, road tripping, running, or backpacking. A collapsible dog bowl means it’s easy to pack and easy to use when needed. For those hitting the road, our packable styles make for an excellent travel dog bowl. Have an enthusiastic dog at meal time? Our Basecamp™ Mat is the dog bowl mat that will help manage the mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Trail Runner™ Bowl is our ultralight and ultra-packable bowl that’s designed for bringing along on your runs so your dog can stay hydrated on the go.

Just like humans, dogs also need proper hydration during activities like hiking, running. A bowl is a great way to encourage your dog to drink when you’re out and about.

Water intake needs will vary between dog breeds and sizes, but a good rule of thumb to start with is to carry at least 8 ounces of water per dog per hour of hiking.