Summer Cooling Gear for Dogs

Heat waves and sweltering summer days are upon us! We believe a happy dog is a dog outside, and no one wants to forego an adventure because it’s too hot. Check out some of our top gear for keeping your dog cool.

evaporative cooling

When you step out of a lake, you may notice a cool feeling when your skin first hits the air. This is evaporative cooling! Ruffwear cooling gear creates the same effect by combining a wicking outer layer that facilitates evaporation, a middle layer that holds water for evaporation, and a comfortable inner layer that transfers the cooling effect to your dog.

Sadie Mae is my service dog and, as temperature regularly hover between 95-104F in the summer, the Swamp Cooler keeps her cool and safe as she works for me. A MUST HAVE for any outdoor activity in warmer months. Extremely easy to use and clean. Superior quality you won’t find in other brands. A bit more expensive but worth every dollar!

-Rebecca G. with Sadie Mae