Meet the 2021 Ambassador Pack

Meet the 2021 Ambassador Pack

  • Cristina Stavro

Have you met Ruffwear’s Ambassadors yet? These 38 dogs and 31 humans are explorers that inspires us. They get outside and live out our shared beliefs that dogs make us whole and shape us through the adventures we share.

We look forward to sharing their stories with you throughout the year!

Trevor and Kahlua in tent by lake.

Trevor & Kahlua | Santa Cruz, California | @trevordehaas


Theresa and Cassie ski touring on Mt Hood.

Theresa & Cassie | Portland, Oregon | @theresasilveyra


Vernan and pup in the car.

Vernan, Harley, Koba, Sandy, Bear Bear & Dusty | New Mexico | @vernankee


Chris and Sammy

Chris & Sammy | Haines, Alaska | @misschrisyface


Rafa, Cory, and Bondi

Rafa, Cory & Bondi | Seattle, Washington | @rafamundando, @corywiley, @bondi4paws


Nathan and Turkey on trail run.

Nathan & Turkey | San Diego, CA | @mountainsandthyme


Maria, Kona, Riley, and Willow paddling by lake.

Maria, Riley, Bodie & Willow | Fredericksburg, Virginia | @sup_with_pup


Marcus and Batman on trail run.

Marcus & Batman | California | @frayedknizzle,


Laura, Star, and Colt in snow.

Laura, Star & Colt | Leavenworth, Washington | @mobileroamers


Krissy and PD run up a rocky trail.

Krissy & PD | Bellingham, Washington | @krissymoehl


Katie, Chip, and Quin on a paddleboard.

Katie, Chip & Quin | Arizona | @trustyourtrail


Katie and Spaghetti on a hike.

Katie, Brody & Spaghetti | Utah | @katieboue, @brodyleven


Graham, Shannon, and Pebble in the car on an adventure.

Graham, Shannon & Pebble | Bend, Oregon | @grahamzimmerman, @shanmcd8, @pebble_the_doodle


Dustin, Noami, and Amara outside their van.

Dustin, Noami & Amara | On the road | @irietoaurora


Nate, Dani, and Ranger setup to camp inside for National Camp Indoors day.

Nate, Dani & Ranger | Bend, Oregon | @natewyeth, @daniwyeth, @goldenboyranger


Lindsey, Chris, and Chimmy on a gravel ride through the woods together.

Linsey, Chris & Chimmy | Bend, Oregon | @corbinbrands @linseycorbin


Chad and Axe show off their most recent fishing catch next to a river.

Chad & Axe | Portland, Oregon | @_chadbrown_


Caroline skiing with dog Lila, who is bundled up in a powder hound jacket.

Caroline & Lila | Park City, Utah | @carolinegleich, @lilargb


Cali and Mila on hike by canyon.

Cali & Mila | Colorado | @caliwolf


Bronwyn and Arnie trail run along a ridge in the alberta mountains.

Bronwyn & Arnie | Canmore, Alberta | @drbronfullagar


Bree, Noodle, and Shamus pose together on a snowy hike in the washington cascades.

Bree, Noodle & Shamus | Washington | @noodsterscootster


Becca paraglides with dog Tala.

Becca & Tala | Jackson Hole, Wyoming |


Alicia, Kona, Cali, and Ruger lounge while camping in the woods.

Alicia, Kona, Cali & Ruger | British Columbia, Canada | @west_coast_heeler_pack

Alexis, Shelby, and Cookie on hike in Oregon.

Alexis, Shelby & Cookie | Redmond, Oregon | @lassosafroworld


Tracy and Boggs walk along trail.

Tracy & Boggs | Portland, Oregon |, @helloitsboggs

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  • Debra Zervas

    I already “know” Maria, Riley, Bodie and Willow from her sup with pup book and their Instagram. Can’t wait to get to know the rest!

  • Michael

    F’ing rockstars … and the humans aren’t too bad either! (Hey Laura.)

  • Michael Richard

    you have to be kidding…not one border collie………..are you serious?

  • Darlene Scancella

    Just want to say thank you for the pictures! You brightened my day!

  • Peggy Morsch

    I looked through all your ambassadors and noted the diversity of race, nice, but not age, and a lack of Midwestern representation. We in the upper Midwest are about to get 3 days of single-digit temps with -25 to -35 degree wind chills and my Pointer-mix, Gerett (2+) & I (64) will be out there in his RuffWear coat, at least for the potty stops. 😉. So how about some older, midwesterners in the RuffWear Ambassador lineup.

  • Virginia

    What wonderful dogs. I especially love seeing the cowdogs (Australian cattledogs).

  • Marcella

    Great photos! Dogs just make life so much better. I have a pack of 3 Gigi, Basha and Mono

  • Jayden Sanchez

    I’d love to be an ambassador for you guys please reach out! Me and buddie Kenai do a lot of backpacking and camping we’d love to rock some of your gear!

  • Eddie Arana

    To whom it may concern

    Thank you for sharing some awesome pictures and Congrats to all ambassadors for doing what you do not just for your selfs but for others people.

    The Arana Fam.

  • @spoke_prep

    How do i become a Ruffwear ambassador? I absolutely love love your product. Please check out my IG account

  • Brian Galindo

    Love the idea, but needs more diversity. Maybe if you widened your view of ‘ambassadors’ you might include disabled owners & disabled dogs?
    As a disabled individual and professional service dog trainer I see that adventurous to those with disabilities can have different definitions… But just as valid and worth sharing. Thx

  • Mimi

    How does one become an ambassador?

  • Paula Petit

    What are the requirements to being an ambassador dog for Ruffwear?

  • R Shanesy

    Ruff dogs rock!!!! & their peeps too:)