Trick or Treat? Our Dogs Will Have Both

This time of year, we’ve got tricks and treats on the mind. And who better than our tail-wagging friends to show off the tricks they do for their favorite treats? One sniff of cheese, and suddenly our dogs have all kinds of superpowers – the puppy eyes, the speedy spin. When the Ruffwear Pack busts out the Treat Trader™, here’s what our dogs do. 

Kate & Millie (AKA Boo Boo Bear) 

A dog does the "roll over" trick.

Trick: Sit ... Down ... Roll Over! 

It's a common trick, but Millie sure is good at it! (Let's be honest, it's the only trick in her repertoire.) I tell Millie to sit, then go into a down, and finally say "Roll over!" and she excitedly rolls (always to her right; never left!) then makes her way to me for her reward!

Treat they go bonkers for: Chicken

Kellie & Luna (aka Tuna) 

A dog does the "give me a hug" trick with his human companion on their backyard deck.

Trick: “Give me a hug” 

Who doesn’t love a good hug?! Luna jumps and puts her arms around my shoulders. 

Treat they go bonkers for: Cheese

Cristina & Lennon (aka The Soup) 

dog jumping up in front of mountains

Trick: “Back up” 

It's a "Lennon original" that she invented herself. It's kind of like a reverse pounce. She jumps up in the air and backwards and lands in a playful bow. If she's really amped, she lets out a little woof, too. It's very goofy.

Treat they go bonkers for: Cheeeeeeese

Andy & Bodie and Wendell  

Two dogs do a synchronized spin trick.

Trick: “Turn around” 

They do a synchronized dance. Look for them on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. 

Treat they go bonkers for: Carrots

Jill & Woody 

A Bernese Mountain Dog sits on a woman's lap in their living room.

Trick: “Sit on lap” 

Woody will come and sit on my lap wherever I am, even if the chair rocks (literally).

Treat they go bonkers for: Hot dogs!

Erin & Odin (aka The Odester)

A dog does a "both paws up" trick.

Trick: “Paws Up” 

This started out as one paw to do a shake, but Odin became so enthusiastic (and eager for treats), that he decided to create his own double-paw variation. He adds in some puppy eyes for the full effect! 

Treat they go bonkers for: Sliced turkey 

More Treats, Please! 

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