Meet the New Hi & Light™ Collection

Faster, freer, lighter, longer – however you and your dog like to go, the Hi & Light™ Collection is ready to go with you.

The new Hi & Light™ Harness, Leash, and Collar thrive both on fast-paced pursuits and in the paws of those who appreciate the freedom of a minimalist design.
When you go Hi & Light™, your dog can discover more with the freedom of less. Ready to go?
  • Marcus runs with dog Batman using HI & light lightweight collection.


    Whether running, biking, or simply preferring to keep things cool and lighten the load, dogs can keep their momentum with the Hi & Light™ Harness.

    • Light & durable material
    • Fur-resistant liner
    • Available in XXXS - L/XL

  • Batman runs ahead of marcus with a goofy smile on her face.


    A simple and elegant hand-held leash with mindful details, exceptional performance, and light-yet-strong hardware and webbing for a reliable connection.

    • Strong, lockable Crux Clip™
    • Stealthy pick-up bag pocket
    • Ultra-packable

  • Marcus pours water into Batman's mouth while on a trail run.


    It's the kind of collar your dog will forget they're wearing. Keeps things simple with an ultralight, minimalist design built with strong-yet-light webbing.

    • Comfortable
    • Easy on/off
    • Anodized aluminum D-ring

Forgettable by Design

The best gear is the kind you forget is even there.

With the Hi & Light™ Harness, Leash, and Collar, we packed big functionality into the little details without adding frills or weight so you and your dog can focus on the important part: having fun.

Check out this product video to dig deeper into the designs and details.

Meet Marcus & Batman

Get to know Ruffwear Ambassadors Marcus and Batman. They love to go fast and go far on the trails together. And, you should probably know: Batman is a girl.

What is the most comfortable harness for dogs?

When it comes to dogs getting out and exploring with a harness on, a harness that fits well, moves well, and allows full range of motion is going to be key for comfort.

The Hi & Light™ Harness does just that with a minimal and lightweight design, a comfortable chest panel that allows their legs to move freely, adjustable straps, and sizes ranging from XXXS - L/XL.

Which does my dog need: a collar or a harness?

There are reasons to have both in your dog's kit. A collar is essential for holding your dog's identification, license, and other tags. Dogs who aren't pullers can often walk on leash with just a collar.

For dogs that pull, harnesses tend to be more comfortable by decreasing pressure on their neck. Harnesses are also more secure and harder to back out.