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Noami, Dustin & Amara

Digital Nomads

Dustin and Noami are eco-vanlifers, digital nomads and adventurers. You can often find them chasing 75 and sunny with their co-pilot and adventure buddy, Amara the Shepherd. Noami is the founder of Diversify Vanlife, a community organization creating a safe space for BIPOC and other underrepresented individuals in the nomadic community. After Amara found Dustin and Noami on a lonely Texas highway, she quickly settled into her van-home and nomadic life. Her favorite activities are trail running and swimming with her adopted mom, and hiking and camping with the pack. Above all, she loves going and exploring new smells. ‘Amara’ is from the Igbo language meaning grace, mercy and kindness.

Follow their adventures at: @irietoaurora

Noami and Amara in a grassy field in front of the mountains.
Quotation Marks

My dog is my joy, my bestie and soul mate. She inspires us to slow down, to make time for play and to infuse joy into our lives. Our journey revolves around her. We're reminded every day that she's her own being, living her own life and serving her own purpose. This journey is her's as much as it is ours.

-Noami & Dustin