Highlands™ Sleeping System

Highlands™ Sleeping System

For anyone who has shared a tent with their dog while camping on a cool, crisp night, we have a feeling you have probably shared your sleeping bag as well. 

The foundation of the sleeping system is the Highlands™ Dog Camping Pad, a low-profile sleeping pad with an accordion-fold design for packability and easy transport. It's the first thing you unpack at the car or at camp, giving your dog a warm and comfortable place to rest while you gather gear or set up the tent.  

The lightweight, closed-cell foam and synthetic down insulate from hard, cold surfaces, and a non-slip waterproof base with a soft microsuede sleeping surface makes it easy to clean. It can be used on its own or with our Highlands™ Dog Sleeping Bag. You can mix and match, based on conditions and your dog’s needs. Now available it two sizes.

The Highlands Sleeping Bag is a lightweight, compressible synthetic down sleeping bag for dogs, keeping them warm and comfortable on the trail, at camp, and in the backcountry. The half-length zipper maintains easy entry while reducing weight and bulk. When zipped closed, the design is efficient at keeping dogs warm – giving dogs room where they need it while tailoring the shape to cut down on extra space.

A neck baffle folds in to keep cold drafts at bay and helps retain body heat. When extra insulation is needed, slip the Highlands™ Pad (sold separately) into the integrated pad sleeve as a barrier between colder surfaces. A compression sack is included, and it now comes in two sizes that fit into the corresponding sizes of the Palisades™ Pack.

Give your dog their own sleeping system for a warm, comfy night’s sleep. They’ll love it so much, you may miss your old sleeping bag cuddle partner. 

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