Innovative Insulation

You've got your favorite jacket – we've got your dog's. With the right gear, you can share more adventures this winter with the dog you share everything with.

How To Find Dog-Friendly Trails

Finding a dog-friendly trail is equal parts art and science, navigating features like water access and steep terrain with leash regulations and dog rules. We’ve got your quick-start guide to finding dog-friendly trails in your neck of the woods (or wherever you’re headed next). So grab your leash, round up your pup, and let’s hit the trail.

Our Sustainability Journey

What we're doing to conduct our business in a way that maximizes the good we can do in the world while being cognizant of the impact we have on the planet.

Press Play

Time to take a cue from our dogs and press the play button. How? We turned to Noami, Dustin, and their sidekick, Amara, to find out. They're some of the most fun and playful Ruffwear Ambassadors we know – and Amara inspires them daily to infuse play into a hectic life.