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A curated collection of stories to inspire you and your dog to get out there.

  • Special Tails Belong On Every Trail

    When Emma was diagnosed with numerous, rare, chronic medical conditions at age 12 her life changed forever. But Zander, a four year old German Shepherd who is her Medical Alert Service Dog opened her eyes to new paths. Read their story and learn how to help ensure wholesome, safe and inclusive experiences for the disabled outdoors.

    Special Tails Belong On Every Trail
  • From The Couch To An Ultra Run With My Buddy

    When Karl Lee got his first dog, a playful brittany puppy named Sekani, he struggled to tire him out. So, they started running. What began as neighorhood 5ks soon transformed into ultra distances in the Canadian mountains. This is their story.

    A man stands by a blue lake in Canada with his dog.
  • The Life of Riley: Adventuring with My Senior Dog

    The biggest lesson we’ve learned, is that it’s not how far or fast you go – it’s the company you keep that makes an adventure special!

    Woman bends over to pet her senior dog in the grass by a pond.
  • A Perfect Partnership: Fly Fishing with Sammy

    Whether it's fishing, hiking, or simply exploring new places, I now view every adventure with Sammy as a chance to deepen our connection and cherish the moments we spend together in the great outdoors.

    woman wearing fishing gear kissing dog on head
  • #MyDogIsMy Best Friend: A Tribute to a Very Good Dog

    #MyDogIsMy takes a deeper look at the role dogs play in our lives. Reptar ran head first and tail wagging into his role as Alex's sidekick, adventure buddy, teacher, and best friend. 

    Man taking a picture of a dog among wildflowers by a lake
  • The Scoop: Road Tripping with the Dogs of Ruffwear

    Load up and hit the road with the office dogs of Ruffwear. There's a lot to learn on-the-go, and we're here to help get you and your dog out there with tips, travel gear, and even a few destinations to add to your route.

    Woman and dog in a camper van on a dirt road
  • Planning a Book Tour with Katie & Spaghetti for "On Digital Advocacy"

    Spaghetti is part of my identity as an outdoorist, as an advocate, and as a human being. Going on a book tour without her just wouldn’t be right. 

    Dog sitting on a bed next to a woman reading a book
  • Staying Cool the Rogue Dog Way

    Rogue Detection Dogs are happy to work all day traversing plains, climbing up mountains, trekking through snow, and clambering over rocks and fallen trees, all with the expectation of playing with their ball – their reward for successfully locating wildlife scat. Ruffwear proudly supports and partners with Rogue Detection Teams by providing gear to all of the dogs. 

    Rogue Athena stays cool with swamp cooler by wind turbines.
  • Running for Change: Creating Safe Outdoor Spaces for All

    "Running has become a powerful tool for me in the fight for racial equity in the outdoors. It’s a way for me to connect with myself, with nature, and with my community. But, it’s also a way for me to advocate for change."

    Woman sitting dog and smiling in a desert landscape
  • Unleashing Noodle's Possibilities

    From Noodle’s first set of wheels to her first hike, swim, and catch of a flying disc, her story shows how grit and a little extra support from those around you go a long way when it comes to #UnleashingPossibility.

    Unleashing Noodle's Possibilities
  • Tala Takes Flight

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Becca & Tala are #UnleashingPossibility in just about everything they do together – on the water, over land, and yes, even in the air.

    Man and woman paragliding with their dog
  • Creating New Memories with Hand-Me-Down Dog Gear

    Ruffwear Ambassador, Laura Patton, shares how passing down dog gear from one dog to another brings bittersweet joy – preserving one dog's memory and creating space for more memories to be made. 

    A woman and her two dogs walk in the mountains.