Meet Our Newest (Home) Office Dogs

Meet Our Newest (Home) Office Dogs

  • Cristina Stavro

What. A. Year. 2020 has challenged us to adapt to new ways of living, working, connecting, and exploring. For some of the Ruffwear crew, it's also been a year of growth in the form of welcoming a new pup into their pack. 

Meet Juno, Firnie, Atlas, River, and Wendell – a few of the newest dogs at Ruffwear. While we're all still working remotely, we've been getting to know them in the virtual office during video conference calls and all-company chats.

We caught up with their humans to see what it's been like "on-boarding" Ruffwear's newest office dogs during a pandemic. 

Welcome, Juno!

Juno in cloud chaser jacket with flagline harness over playing outside.

Christine, what prompted you to welcome a new dog into your pack this year?

A friend needed to re-home her dog, and I could not turn him away. He is such a sweet boy, and his big brother Murphy wanted a sibling!

Getting a dog during the pandemic was...

Extremely challenging but very rewarding. Juno is very high-drive and has pushed me to get outside on more socially distanced adventures that I would have never been able to experience without him.

What has Juno taught you during this time?

Juno has taught me patience. He loves to be moving all of the time and is one smart cookie! I have learned to look at the world from his perspective, to take in as much beauty and adventure as possible.

We're heading into your first winter together – what are you most excited about?

The snow! Juno just experienced his first snow with us and had a blast. I cannot wait to get out into the backcountry with the boys and explore more uncharted territory.

One piece of gear your new pup is stoked on?

The boys just got a Turnup™ Toy this week and have not put it down! They love the erratic bounces and wrestling over who gets to bring the toy back to me during a game of fetch.

Welcome, Firnspiegel (AKA: Firnie)

Firnie in front range harness sits next to big brother Riggs outdoors.

Alli, what prompted you to welcome a new dog into your pack this year?

Honestly, it was a bit impulsive. We'd talked about getting a second dog at some point, but if we hadn't been in a pandemic lockdown, we probably would have waited. Then a fellow Ruffwear Pack-member shared photos of three puppies their friend was fostering. We met the little brown and white one and spent a couple afternoons with her. She melted our hearts and got along well with our other animals. After discussing all the pros and cons, we decided that it was a good time to bring little Firnspiegel into our home after all!

Getting a dog during the pandemic was...

It was 110% very fun. A pandemic and lockdown is a great time to put focus on training a puppy. At times, the stress that can come with training a puppy was probably exacerbated by the stress of the pandemic, or vice versa, but it was an overwhelmingly positive experience, and it helped keep us grounded.

What has Firnie taught you during this time?

Firnspiegel is a real spitfire. Unlike our border collie Riggins, who will literally jump through hoops to please us, Firnspiegel is strong-willed and has challenged my patience. She's attempted to empty the garbage can right in front of us, and she'll sneak away and head for the neighbor's compost pile if she senses an opportunity. At the same time, she's a great snuggler, she's silly and playful, and is becoming a great trail dog. She's brought out Riggins' more social and playful side, which has been a joy to watch. Aside from a never-ending lesson in patience, Spieg is teaching me that two very good dogs can act and behave very differently. And also, we all have our quirks. Oh, and-- dog piles are better with two dogs.

We're heading into your first winter together – what are you most excited about?

I love to ski more than anything, so I am excited to share the winter environment with Firnspiegel and train her to be a ski dog. She is named after a type of melt-freeze crust, after all. I'm also excited to try ski joring with her, or maybe with both dogs if I'm feeling brave.

One piece of gear your new pup is stoked on?

She loves her Front Range® Harness. She gets wiggly and leans her head toward the harness, probably because it means she's going to go outside. She also loves any and all toys.

Welcome, Atlas!

Travis and Carrie walk along trail while pup Atlas runs ahead.

Travis, what prompted you to welcome a new dog into your pack this year?

My wife said we had to.

Getting a dog during the pandemic was...

Challenging because socializing with other dogs has been more difficult than usual while working from home and dealing with COVID. It has also been fun to be at home with my dog and be more involved in his training.

What has Atlas taught you during this time?

My puppy has provided a good reminder about the importance of taking play breaks and going for walks.

We're heading into your first winter together – what are you most excited about?

After seeing how pumped Atlas was to see snow for the first time, I'm excited about taking him into the mountains to play in the powder!

One piece of gear your new pup is stoked on?

Atlas is obsessed with the Pacific Ring™ Toy. He likes to play tug with it, chew on it, and use it to instigate a game of chase with his friends.

Welcome, River!

close up of a very tired River in a flat out brook trout laying down.

Dove, what prompted you to welcome a new dog into your pack this year?

We fell in love with Irish Water Spaniels after Midge came into our lives. Midge is 10 and we were worried that we wouldn't have another opportunity to adventure with another IWS. What we thought was going to be a two-year wait turned into a two-week wait.

Getting a dog during the pandemic was...

It has been great, working from home has allowed me to take breaks frequently and get outside with the dogs. They let me know when the day is done which I am grateful for.

What has River taught you during this time?

They have reminded me not to take myself so seriously. When you are in the middle of a video conference with customers and they are howling at each other or biting your toe you can be nothing but authentic at the moment. Sometimes, that means talking louder, or giving up on the point I was trying to make.

We're heading into your first winter together – what are you most excited about?

The snow and getting the girls out in the boat for the last drift before the Deschutes River closes for the season.

One piece of gear your new pup is stoked on?

I am stoked for the Treat Trader™ and I suppose Midge and River are as well.

Welcome, Wendell!

A very small Wendell snuggled up to big dog brother on the couch.

Andy, what prompted you to welcome a new dog into your pack this year?

Travel plans were canceled and we felt it was the best time to have a puppy join the pack.

Getting a dog during the pandemic was...

Fun, because I was able to experience all aspects of puppy life. 'Fun' can be substituted for challenging as well.

What has Wendell taught you during this time?

To be present, that changes can be challenging, and friendships don't always form overnight.

We're heading into your first winter together – what are you most excited about?

Romps in the snow. Early indication is that Wendell loves playing in snow.

One piece of gear your new pup is stoked on?

The Gnawt-a-Rock™.

Want to meet some more of our office dogs? You can learn more about Our Pack here.

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  • Sam

    Absolutely loved this segment, as well as seeing all the other Ruffwear family pups! The love of all things dog is obvious. I have 3 wonderful stinkers at home (Louie, Polly, Peggy), and I hope to get into more, and different, outdoor activities with them. Looking forward to purchasing our first items from you all and supporting this incredible company!

  • Rhonda Ashby

    I enjoyed meeting the new hires! I had to see the rest of the pack too. I am borderline dog obsessed! Each one is uniquely beautiful but they all share the one thing that makes them so dear to us; they make us live in the moment, just like they do. I recently added to our pack too. We took in an injured Vizsla who needed to be rehomed. She’s doing well and is SO MUCH FUN! I really appreciate the car harness I got from Ruffwear! She is safe getting to our adventures. Thank you for your dedication to our amazing furry family members! I wish I could attach a pic here:) Lily and her little bro Murf make life during this pandemic more bearable..

  • Danielle Andres

    Love seeing the new additions to the pack.
    My BC Rousay keeps me moving every chance he gets! We walk, hike and play ball and frisbee everyday.💕🐾

  • Erica Smith

    I’m one of Midge’s nurses, when she needs us. We all are in love with her at our hospital and are so excited River has joined their family, and ours!! 💗

  • Andrea Ellington

    What a wonderful piece! I loved reading about all the “new hires,” and seeing what the families are most excited to experience together. Great job ya’ll!

  • frank perry

    cool dogs my sons 90 lb pitt great dane boxer comes to our auto repair shop every day walks in no leash lays on his bed ,knows customers cars sounds knows there here and will get a treat. my wife has a camry hybrid knows the wine of drive motors that grandma is here to give me treats, we have 2 of your life jackets yellow color we put on sons dog 90 lbs dropped in lake up he pops head staying above water ,i use mine on our sato project dog 42 lb. my nehibor got a pitt told him of your life jacket he got 1 orange color for his dog we all go out on a 13 mile lake gets choppy so we all know our pups will have a chance to survive if we have a problem

  • Sally Smith

    Wonderful to read all the great new dig stories! 2 dogs are much more fun

  • John Cleveland

    So nice. We adopted 2 border collie pups to join our pack (17 year old BC and 7 year old BC) and have not regretted it for a minute. So much fun, learning and energy