Holiday Go Guide

Our Ruffwear pack has some holiday inspiration for ways you and your dog can get outside and enjoy the gift of time together. Looking for gear? Don’t worry, we’ve got that, too.

It’s that time of year again. That familiar feeling of tired muscles pulses through you – a feeling earned from gliding through cross country tracks. Your nose stings from leftover frost as you shrug off layers of scarves and mittens. As you help your pup out of her jacket and boots, she nuzzles up to you – resting by the crackling fire.

These moments are the true gifts of the season.

Our Ruffwear pack huddled together to brainstorm our favorite pup-approved holiday outings. We highlight how to go make those memories and discover the lasting gifts these experiences bring. And, if you're looking for gear, we've got that, too.

Go, Dog. Go!


None are better experts of living in the moment than our tail-wagging loved ones. Follow your dog’s example and choose moments of play and exploration this season. 

Gather your pup and head outside – where crisp air and priceless memories await. For more inspiration, check out last year's go guide.