Kacie and her dogs, Eddie & Willow, share how they become closer by playing together – plus their top toy recommendations for playing with your dog.

Eddie & Willow wear Front Range® Dog Harnesses in X-Small and Medium.

Fetch, tug-of-war, “go find it” – whichever game you choose, playing with your dog is sure to foster a deeper connection. When you throw your pup a Gourdo™ Rubber Throw Toy or hold on as they pull on a Gnawt-a-Stick™, you’ll have their full attention. Here's what Ruffwear employees Kacie, Eddie, & Willow love about playing together.

The GO: "Having two dogs that are very toy driven, playing is an activity that is rewarding for all involved. It allows me to engage and interact with my dogs while also giving them mental and physical stimulation.

Eddie, our border collie, loves to play fetch while our new puppy, Willow, loves to play tug-of-war. You can find a handful of toys on us just about anywhere we go!"

The GIFT: "Getting to be the center of my dogs’ attention! When I have a toy in hand, my dogs’ focus is completely on me for that engagement. It allows us to connect, bond, and become closer through playing and training. An added bonus is that they get exercise and I get some good laughs in, too!"

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