Susan and her dog, Artie, share the comfort that relaxing together brings – and their go-to lounging gear.

Artie rests on an Urban Sprawl™ Dog Bed.

Wiped out from a ski session? Time to curl up by the fire with your canine co-pilot. Grab a steaming cup of tea, your dog, and their Urban Sprawl™ Dog Bed, and get cozy. Rest is just as important as shredding the slopes. Read about the comfort and joy Ruffwear employees Susan & Artie experience when relaxing together.

The GO: "Having just celebrated Artie's 12th birthday, the long days of miles on the trail together are behind us. His comfy Urban Sprawl™ bed is perfect for rest and recovery and is our go-to gear these days." 

The GIFT: "My relationship with Artie brings me joy and comfort every day. As his 12th birthday is upon us, I remember that each day together is a gift in itself."

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    Grounded. It's a physical act of touching the earth and feeling its energy flowing through us, providing support and foundation to our beings. It's finding balance between the present moment and thoughts about the past or future.

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