Elena and her dog, Baya, share their priceless memories of hiking together and their top gear picks for camping with your dog.

Baya lounges on her Highlands™ Dog Sleeping Bag and Pad.

Swimming in alpine lakes, trekking up mountain peaks, and don’t forget those tent cuddles – these are some of the priceless memories we gain from camping with our dogs. Hit the trails with your Highlands™ Dog Sleeping Bag and Quencher™ Packable Dog Bowl. Here are the gifts Ruffwear employees Elena & Baya gain from camping together – and their must-have gear for the journey!

The GO: "Backpacking with my dogs is one of our most favorite activities to do together – quiet time on the trails, soaking up sunshine, swims in alpine lakes and best of all, cuddles in the tent."

The GIFT: "Backpacking helps us get away from it all – the hectic pace and distractions of everyday life. It gives us the gift of peace. When cuddling in a warm tent or jumping into a brisk lake with my dogs, I feel a new level of closeness to them – and to nature."

  • Two women with dog camp in the Steens mountains at sunset.

    How To Camp With Your Dog

    There’s camping – and then there’s camping with your dog by your side. Their presence alone elevates every little moment. Their curiosity is contagious, their zeal inspiring. With a bit of preparation and the right gear, you’ll be en route to a good time camping with your dog.

  • Dog hikes over rock hill top with human behind him.

    How To Hike With Your Dog

    Dogs are happy to tag along on any hike. With a bit of preparation, the right gear, and a bit of that eagerness to explore that comes so naturally to our furry trail buddies, you’ll be en route to a good time hiking together.

  • Woman in orange overalls kisses dog in orange front range harness while they sit in front of orange van in desert!

    Camping with Dogs on Public Lands

    Bring your dogs on your next adventure—many areas of our public lands welcome canine companions. All it takes is a little planning.