A curated collection of stories to inspire you and your dog to get out there.

  • How To Take a Multi-Day Rafting Trip With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassador Becca Bredehoft is a professional paraglider pilot, tandem instructor, and photographer. She adopted her canine sidekick, Tala, from the Navajo Nation. One of the duo's favorite ways to explore together is on multi-day river rafting trips. Here, Becca shares the tips & tricks she's learned along the way.

  • Leave No Trace: Dog Edition

    Our epic camping and hiking excursions have an impact on the environment and wildlife. We’ve got you covered – there are ways to keep the stoke high while minimizing our impact. To scale those peaks responsibly, let’s take a look at Leave No Trace’s 7 Principles. Plus, read to the end to see our bonus tip to leave the trail better than you found it. 

  • New Gear for Spring 2022

    This season, we’re highlighting waypoints – the places along life’s journey that hold significance. With our tail-wagging pals by our sides, we return to these spots time and again. Leaving new foot and paw prints. Collecting memories. Ready to kick off spring by retracing or discovering your waypoints? We’ve got you covered with our new spring gear from two of our top collections: Camp & Hike and Backpacking. 

  • 2022: The Year For Possibility & Spaghetti

    This upcoming season, we’ve shifted from survival mode, we’ve unpacked the baggage of the last (nearly) two years, we’ve started building habits for a better future—we’re ready for the season of thriving. I’m hopeful for us all to return to ourselves, to take our lessons learned, and to put them into practice as we begin a season of light again.

  • How To Camp With Your Dog

    There’s camping – and then there’s camping with your dog by your side. Their presence alone elevates every little moment. Their curiosity is contagious, their zeal inspiring. With a bit of preparation and the right gear, you’ll be en route to a good time camping with your dog.

  • Pack Up & Get Out: What Our Office Dogs Pack on the Trails

    As the air grows warmer and the sun lingers longer, we can’t help but get excited for backpacking, camping, and long days on the trail. Our employees and office dogs sure know how to pack in the fun, so here's a look at their go-to gear when their furry sidekick is shouldering some of the load.

  • Ambassador Field Notes: Winter Yurt Camping with Tala

    Becca, Cade, and their dog Tala decided to explore their snowy backyard in style by renting a yurt in the Idaho backcountry for a weekend. They loaded up their bikes and pedaled and pushed a few miles to a cozy yurt in the woods.     

  • Ambassador Field Notes: Bodie's First Road Trip

    Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Christina Schultz headed north to experience autumn foliage and to treat pup Bodie to his first road trip adventure.

  • 5 Things Your Dog Wants To Do With You This Summer

    Trying an activity that's new for your pup or new for you is both a rich and deeply rewarding experience. You'll forge a stronger bond and create memories that'll make you smile long after they happen. You'll laugh a lot, splash a lot, and possibly even pick up a new hobby you'll love a lot.  

  • Camping with Dogs on Public Lands

    Bring your dogs on your next adventure—many areas of our public lands welcome canine companions. All it takes is a little planning.