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A curated collection of stories to inspire you and your dog to get out there.

  • An Arctic Adventure

    Join Raya and her 12-year-old bull terrier, Grimlock, as they take on one of their all-time adventure checklist destinations: sea kayaking down the Dempster Highway in Canada.

    Raya and Grimlock pose by their van at the Arctic Ocean sign.
  • Solo Hiking Mount Mansfield With Dobby and Max

    When Jillian Joan set out to solo hike Mt Mansfield with dogs Dobby and Max, she was a mix of excitement, nerves and apprehension. But, like dogs often do, they helped Jillian conquer new heights, and bag another peak. 

    Solo Hiking Mount Mansfield With Dobby and Max
  • GO GUIDE: Holiday Your Dog's Way

    Anyone else struggling to keep up with the “go, go, go” pace of the holidays? As explorers, we believe the beauty of “Go…” is in the freedom to choose how we'll finish the sentence. So out with the holiday gift guide, and in with the Holiday Go Guide – a list of ways we’re replacing "Go get" and "Go shop" with "Go outside."

    Timothy and dog jake hike along trail at sunset.
  • How to Follow Your (Dog's) Nose

    Let those invisible trails of whiffs and sniffs lead you to new discoveries. With dogs as our guides, the secret's out: if it's the joy and freedom of adventure you're after, chances are it's right under your nose.

    How to Follow Your (Dog's) Nose
  • Discovering Something New: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy

    For outdoor adventure lover, Fay Preene, wild swimming with her dogs Lulu & Roxy is not just an action or an exercise. It touches on her happiness, her job, the environment, and her social life. Fay has always loved water, be that being in it, on it, beside it or listening to it. She discusses getting to do it with her best four legged friends and provides tips on how to join her and wild swim safely with your dog too.

    Discovering Something New: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy
  • The Life of Riley: Adventuring with My Senior Dog

    The biggest lesson we’ve learned, is that it’s not how far or fast you go – it’s the company you keep that makes an adventure special!

    Woman bends over to pet her senior dog in the grass by a pond.
  • Who Rescued Who?

    As an adult, I adopted my first dog in 2010 - Chipper. My heart. He came from a small, overrun rescue in North Carolina. This was one of my first glimpses into the rescue/animal welfare world. Chipper moved across the country with me, to Arizona. I didn’t know anyone in Arizona. So what did I do?

    Woman taking a selfie with a small terrier dog in her lap
  • A Golden Adventure: Road Tripping With Two Dogs

    Ruffwear ambassador, Kyarna Rushworth, recently embarked on her first road trip with her two Golden Retrievers, Merlot and Winter. Although not everything went according to plan, they came out with unforgettable memories.

    A Golden Adventure: Road Tripping With Two Dogs
  • A Perfect Partnership: Fly Fishing with Sammy

    Whether it's fishing, hiking, or simply exploring new places, I now view every adventure with Sammy as a chance to deepen our connection and cherish the moments we spend together in the great outdoors.

    woman wearing fishing gear kissing dog on head
  • #MyDogIsMy Best Friend: A Tribute to a Very Good Dog

    #MyDogIsMy takes a deeper look at the role dogs play in our lives. Reptar ran head first and tail wagging into his role as Alex's sidekick, adventure buddy, teacher, and best friend. 

    Man taking a picture of a dog among wildflowers by a lake
  • The Scoop: Road Tripping with the Dogs of Ruffwear

    Load up and hit the road with the office dogs of Ruffwear. There's a lot to learn on-the-go, and we're here to help get you and your dog out there with tips, travel gear, and even a few destinations to add to your route.

    Woman and dog in a camper van on a dirt road
  • Backpacking the 40km Scottish Mamores Munro Circuit with Our Two Dogs

    As soon as Henry and Wally see us organising and packing their hiking packs, they start getting excited and can’t wait to hit the trail – especially when it's for three days on the Scottish Mamores Munro Circuit.

    Man and woman and two spaniel dogs sitting in front of a tent in the Scottish Highlands
  • Forward Together

    The Guiding Eyes for the Blind Running Guides program graduated its first team, Klinger and Richard, in 2015. These specially trained dogs enable people who are blind and visually impaired to run with only their guide’s support. For the first time, runners with vision loss don’t have to rely on human guides.

    Blind runner and dog in Unifly run along a paved trail with trees.
  • Ode to a Trail Dog: Running with Riggins

    Alli and Riggins have been running together for over 7 years, covering over thousands of miles and countless mountaintops. Running has been the foundation of their undeniable bond and source of unforgettable adventures.

    Woman and dog run together on a boardwalk in the desert
  • Tala Takes Flight

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Becca & Tala are #UnleashingPossibility in just about everything they do together – on the water, over land, and yes, even in the air.

    Man and woman paragliding with their dog
  • Life Is Short, Live In Dog Years

    Mallory Paige spent 14 months camping across North America on a motorcycle-sidecar with Baylor the Dog – proving you don’t need to be fearless or perfect to live your dreams. Mallory shared this story with us shortly after Baylor passed away.

    Dog Baylor in goggles and load up harness in sidecar with tie dye in back ground.
  • Unleashing Possibility with Seth & Rose

    "With Rose, I feel like Unleashing Possibility is just being able to have that mutual trust together. It's that deep bond with Rose where we're totally in sync, and we can do just about anything together."

    Unleashing Possibility with Seth & Rose
  • Unleashing Possibility with Cara & Kiva

    With the right gear and a bit of that eagerness to explore that comes so naturally to our dogs, there’s no telling what adventure you and your dog can unleash next. And as Cara and Kiva show, sometimes, it's our dogs that actually Unleash Possibility within us.

    Unleashing Possibility with Cara & Kiva
  • Unleashing Possibility with Theresa & Cassie

    We're sharing stories of dogs and humans finding ways to Unleash Possibility together. Here, Theresa and her canine sidekick, Cassie, explain how tackling their first big outdoor adventure together – a 3-day backpacking trip in Goat Rocks Wilderness – started a new chapter of their lives exploring the outdoors. 

    Unleashing Possibility with Theresa & Cassie
  • Unleashing Possibility with Ally & Rhea

    As part of our series on dogs and humans finding ways to Unleash Possibility together in both the epic and the everyday, Ally & Rhea show how a bit of confidence and curiosity goes a long way to discover your inner explorer and lead to new endeavors.

    Unleashing Possibility with Ally & Rhea
  • Snow Camping With Theresa & Cassie

    The crisp morning air jolted me awake after a fitful night of sleeping in the snow. I took a deep breath, exhaling a misty cloud before pulling my sleeping bag even more tightly over my face. Cassie lay beside me, snug and warm in her Powder Hound™ Jacket, cozily pressed up against my sleeping bag for extra insulation. 

    A woman and man sit with their dog on a snowy mountain.
  • How To Take a Multi-Day Rafting Trip With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassador Becca Bredehoft is a professional paraglider pilot, tandem instructor, and photographer. She adopted her canine sidekick, Tala, from the Navajo Nation. One of the duo's favorite ways to explore together is on multi-day river rafting trips. Here, Becca shares the tips & tricks she's learned along the way.

    A woman and her dog sit on a raft while river rafting.
  • Tips for Living in a Tiny House with Big Dogs

    Seven years into living the tiny house life, Laura and her pups, Star and Colt, are masters at maximizing their space, exploring outside, and enjoying the togetherness that living tiny brings. We checked in with Laura to hear her top tips for living in a tiny house with big dogs. 

    A man and his two dogs sit on the front porch of their tiny house.
  • How To Road Trip With Your Dog: 8 Practical Tips

    Hitting the open road means something different to everyone – maybe it’s about exploring uncharted territory or seeing new places through your dog’s eyes. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered with our top 8 tips for an epic road trip with your dog. 

    A woman sits next to her dog in the trunk of her car at a beach.
  • A Puppy’s Guide to Road Tripping

    When you’re as attached to your dogs as we are, your entire world revolves around them. We love to hit the road, and we’ve become fluent in the art of road tripping with your doggos. We’re here to share a few tips on how to make it more enjoyable for all when you've got a new puppy. 

    A woman walks with her dog and puppy at a campsite.
  • Powder Hound Turned River Runner

    Ruffwear's own Caroline Eyman and her lovable Husky-Shihtzu, Atka, moved across the country together from Vermont to Bend, Oregon. Atka had never been one to enjoy water – unless it came in snow form – but everything changed when she saw the river. This sparked an idea in Caroline: could she get Atka on a paddleboard? Read on to see how this duo took a chance on a new hobby and discovered a lasting way to connect on the water. 

    A woman paddleboards with her dog on a river.
  • A City Dog’s Guide to Adventure

    No one understands the city dog life better than Ruffwear Ambassadors Cory, Rafa, and their pup Bondi. Here, we’ve got the scoop on their top tips to kickstart city adventures with your dog.

    Two men sit by the water in a city with their dog.
  • Dear Bella: A Love Letter

    Kami York-Feirn, Ruffwear's Social Media Coordinator, writes a love letter to her Bernese Mountain Dog, Bella – her ride or die and best friend. Whether they're enjoying peanut butter pancakes, supporting each other through life's ups and downs, or hiking a 14,000 ft peak at 4 a.m., these two are inseparable.

    A woman wearing skis sits on a snow-covered mountain with her Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • A Texas Dog's First Snow

    Ruffwear Content Creator, Erin Swanson, shares the first time she introduced her dog to snow. Read on to hear what she learned and glean tips for how to make snow a rewarding experience for your dog. 

    A dog smiles in the snow while another dog runs by.
  • 2022: The Year For Possibility & Spaghetti

    This upcoming season, we’ve shifted from survival mode, we’ve unpacked the baggage of the last (nearly) two years, we’ve started building habits for a better future—we’re ready for the season of thriving. I’m hopeful for us all to return to ourselves, to take our lessons learned, and to put them into practice as we begin a season of light again.

    2022: The Year For Possibility & Spaghetti
  • How Kerry Irving & His Dogs Raised £41,000 for Charity

    On November 12, Kerry Irving set out on a 16-mile walk with his dogs, Harry and Paddy, to raise funds for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity that supports children & young people who have experienced the death of a parent who served in the British Armed Forces. 

    One of Kerry's dogs looks out on a lake from the Catbells Walk trail.
  • PRIDE Weekend Adventure with Cory, Rafa, and Bondi

    In this story, Cory, Rafa, and Bondi (she’s the one with the four paws and tail) share their adventure to Portland to celebrate PRIDE Weekend. They explore this dog-friendly city as they celebrate an important life experience.

    Bondi wears her Ruffwear Float Coat™ Dog Life Jacket while on a raft in the water.
  • Van Life: Coast Road Trip with Bree & Noodle

    In this story, Ruffwear Ambassador Bree shares how her van road trip along the PNW coast offered her dogs a chance to grow in a new environment. One of her dogs, Noodle, navigated trotting along the shores and splashing in the ocean with her scooter – leaving her mark of sandy paw prints and scooter tracks behind.

    Two dogs and their owner relax in their van.
  • Passing on Legacies

    In “Passing On Legacies,” Ruffwear’s Dove Gibson explores her own journey of becoming that has been marked by the bounty of lessons she’s learned from a lifetime of rivers, her partner, Clell, and her two dogs, Midge and River.

    Fishing boat rows down Deschutes River.
  • Van Life: Our Golden Doodle Cheat Code

    Ask any vanlifer what some of their favorite things about the lifestyle are, and it’s definitely better than 50/50 odds that they will mention the people they get to meet on the road. When it comes to meeting people on our road-travels, our pup Astro is what we call "a cheat code."

    Dog and human in forest with van in background
  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

    With a solid hot-weather strategy, you and your dog can keep exploring, even amidst the sweltering days of summer. We’re here to help with our top gear and essential tips for keeping your dog cool.

    Dog wearing boots running on rocky trail with their human mountain biking
  • The Value of a River

    Jilkaat Heeni, the Tlingit name for a river that others know as the Chilkat River, means “Storage Container for Salmon.” The Tlingit people have stewarded the Chilkat Valley since time immemorial. Its watershed offers sustenance and habitat for both wildlife and people living in the nearby Klukwan and Haines communities.

    Chris carries fishing pole walking along river while dog runs behind in Float Coat.
  • New Season Sneak Peek: My Dog Is My...

    Ready for a sneak peek at what's new for Spring and Summer 2021? We’re taking a deeper look at the role dogs play in getting us outside as we navigate life’s journey. 

    Dog in switchbak harness walks along hiking trail.
  • My Dog is My Sidecar

    At a time when my life and my future felt like they had shattered into pieces and I was trying to pick them back up, Bernie was the furry, steadfast presence of love and thrill that allowed me to hold it together and eventually build something even better than I had. Bernie is always by my side. He’s my sidecar.

    Anna on off road handcycle and Bernie on leash next to her bike down the River Trail in Bend.
  • Play More, Shower Less, and Other Things We Learned From Our Dogs In 2020

    Turns out our canine sidekicks have been moonlighting as furry philosophers this year. Ruffwear Ambassadors and employees took a moment to reflect on what their dog has taught them in a year that's seen its share of obstacles and challenges. 

    Dog in climate changer pullover trail runs along river in front of human.
  • Winter in the Northern Hemisphere

    Perhaps, for those of us seeking a moment of peace, solitude, grounding, or reflection this season, we need only look to nature. To our dogs. To the examples of quiet purpose and joyful exuberance right in front of us. 

    Dog in cloud chaser waterproof jacket leads the way through deep snow next to an a frame hut while human follows behind skiing.
  • Meet Our Newest (Home) Office Dogs

    What. A. Year. 2020 has challenged us to adapt to new ways of living, working, connecting, and exploring. For some of the Ruffwear crew, it's also been a year of growth in the form of welcoming a new pup into their pack. Meet Juno, Firnie, Atlas, River, and Wendell – a few of the newest dogs at Ruffwear. 

    Dani and Nate Wyeth walk with dogs Ranger and Tanner on the beach.
  • Two Weeks, Two Dogs and Five Great Lakes

    It had been on my bucket list for a few years – to paddleboard on all five Great Lakes. I wanted to set my paddleboard – pups and all – in each of the five massive freshwater bodies. As a professional paddle boarder and instructor on how to ‘SUP with your PUP,’ it wouldn’t be the same without my Australian Shepherds.

    Maria on SUP with dogs in float coat dog life jackets on great lakes.
  • Max the Miracle Dog

    His name is Max, and he’s called the Miracle Dog. Hearing just some of his amazing story, it’s not hard to see why. If you're looking for a story about the special bond that exists between man and dog, read on.

    Ambassador Kerry with his three dogs in ruffwear harnesses outdoors.
  • Finding Purpose on the Road with a Three-Legged Dog

    Living through the highs and lows of life on the road while witnessing the joys and heartbreak of helping others through amputation recovery and cancer care isn’t easy. Along the way, Jim and Rene do their best to stay resilient by doing what comes naturally to any dog: focusing on the here and now.

    Rene and Jim stand with dog Jerry wearing dog backpack.
  • The Moments In Between

    Grounded. It is a physical act of touching the earth and feeling its energy flowing through us, providing support and foundation to our beings. It is finding balance between the present moment and thoughts about the past or future. To be grounded is to draw strength and courage from the knowledge of our deeper purpose. 

    Dog in polar trex boots runs through snow with human skiing.
  • Celebrating the Summer Solstice

    The endless daylight is a blank canvas for you to get creative – pack it to the brim, slow down and soak it all in, or take the time try something new. However you choose to celebrate the Summer Solstice this weekend, we hope it includes sharing some time outside with your furry best friend.

    Monica and Giles at sunrise up on a hill.
  • Ambassador Field Notes: A Two Week Road Trip With Dogs

    It brings me so much joy to see how our dogs, Tanner and Ranger, respond when one of us asks, “Who wants to go for a car ride?” Last fall, as we do every fall, we headed out for a two-week road trip to some places we’d never been but always wanted to go. 

    Woman writing in journal next to map with hydroflask, while dog sleeps at her side.
  • How to Up the Fun While You and Your Dog Hunker Down

    Right now, the human and canine employees of the Ruffwear Pack have shifted to working from home in an effort to help protect the health of our community. As we hunker down with our dogs, we're getting creative about keeping their stoke high while indoors. And, we're being mindful about ways to get outside. Here's what the pack is up to these days.

    Bailey lays on her back across Elise's lap inside a fire lookout.
  • Finding Soul River

    Veteran Chad Brown struggled with severe PTSD. Then, after a life-changing fishing trip, he decided that he would dedicate his life to giving back to others who might find healing, connection, and purpose in nature – specifically, inner city youth and veterans. He founded the nonprofit organization Soul River, Inc., through which he brings at-risk youth and veterans into the outdoors.

    Chad in fly fishing gear and dog axe in service dog vest pose by the river.